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Once again, in honor of Tolkien's birthday on January 3rd, I present the yearly Tolkien quiz.

You might have to create an account to record your answers but in all the years I've done this I've never been spammed or scammed. Just pay attention to the "pass" option so you don't inadvertently sign up for something. The Pass option is always below the "submit" option (but don't forget to actually submit for your account).

This isn't an easy quiz. LOL They usually never are.

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My cat died today. Rogue was 19 years old. I was able to hold her as she passed. Hopefully I helped her along in her journey.

I think she died of a broken heart.

My daughter's cat Meeko died just one week ago. They've never really known a life without each other.

Two in a week. That's hard. At least they were both WELL loved and spoiled rotten.
Booo!!! Sam

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Elie Wiesel was the commencement speaker at Lehigh University; a college in the next town over. I am so bummed. Oh WHY oh WHY did I not choose Lehigh University (which was one of my choices) and WHY oh WHY did I not graduate this year. Life just sucks sometimes, don't it?

::head desk::
Deep Breath

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I hung out my first load of laundry ever. Maddie handed me the pins and the clothes and I hung them up. Now I just need to find those poles to hold it up. I'll probably make one myself.

And just for a minute...if I closed my eyes and listened to the wind and the wind chimes, and then looked at the sheets flapping in the wind while I tried to fold them I was all of a sudden somewhere like Kansas in the 1950s. I like my daydreams sometimes.

The laundry had I smell I can't ever remember having smelled before.

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Got another Tolkien piece on my back. I think it's gorgeous. My artist shaded heavily around the tree so when it's healed and the black has faded a little, the tree will appear much brighter since the actual color white is a bitch. He recommended the illusion as opposed to the ink color.

Done by Steve Lemak at The Quillian in Allentown PA.

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how I feel

First Poem in 20 (?) years.

In a little room with little chairs
nervous little mice chit rather than chat.
They nibble at their fingers.
And twitch.
Some mice leave. Bravely. Or stupidly.
Most stay forever. Hiding behind each other.
Waiting for crumbs to drop to the floor from high.
From no one. There never was anyone.
And they starve waiting for it to be safe enough
To leave.
And it's never safe.

~Sascha Fink
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